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Es en ese sentido que los memes de la derecha son unidimensionales y soeces. Trump es un meme.

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Se repite a sí mismo porque sabe que es su estilo, su meme. El meme es invencible, como un espejo. Si Laclau hablaba del populismo como valiéndose de un significante vacío, el populismo-meme lo hace por medio de un significante vacío cristalizado. La estética del programa es muy trashy, post-digital, y los memes que comentan son meta-irónicos. Son meta-memes que se burlan de la estética meme y llevan hasta el extremo la mala edición. Las estrategias post-digitales no alcanzan, al menos que entendamos por éstas, no simplemente la parodia al estilo de TheBottomText, sino un devolverle a los memes su historia y su materialidad.

Cómo evitar volverse un meme y sobrevivir en el intento? Para ello resulta necesario pensar al meme como objeto digital. During the last two months, many Japanese have been living an ambivalent relationship with the corona-virus.

It is true that it scares them, but at the same time they secretly begun to work in alliance with it. That secret alliance occurs under the current Japanese government, almost unanimously considered to be the most corrupt and harmful government in Japanese history since the end of the World War II. There is no health problem of any kind for the present or for the future.

He said this when all the inhabitants of Japan knew very well that the reality was something else and that the Tepco Tokyo Electric Power Company Fukushima nuclear power plant would not stop emitting an enormous amount of radioactivity for many years, affecting the earth, the air and the water.

For them, the organization of the Olympics in Tokyo in was nothing more than an offensive denial of the real situation in which they lived, a denial forcefully orchestrated by the Abe government in complicity with the global economic power. The reality that the Japanese government wants to deny and suppress under the hallucinating effect of entertainment is not only that of constant radioactive contamination but also that of the irreversible decline of Japan as an economic superpower.

Many Japanese, and young people in particular, are creating new ways of life, different from those of thirty years ago. The ongoing Fukushima accident itself only speeds up as a result of this. In Japan, nobody or quasi nobody is excited today, not even with a mega event like the Olympics powered by the electricity produced by the reopened nuclear reactors, nor with a mega construction like the one of the High-speed rail network between Tokyo and Nagoya.

All of these mega projects are bad and anachronistic simulations of the glorious Japanese post-war period. In both cases, the Japanese ended up facing their own political powerlessness in the face of a quasi-openly fascist government. This explains the fact that after the defeat of the protests against militarization in , no mass mobilization took place in Japan despite a series of corruptions by Shinzo Abe himself that were revealed.

In this desperate political context the corona-virus appeared. Thus began his battle against the virus, a battle that consisted mainly of deliberately underestimating the effect of the epidemic on Japanese territory, minimizing the number of PCR tests, and avoiding adopting any drastic preventive measure. And this new government refusal of the real situation is what led many Japanese to enter into a clandestine alliance with the corona-virus. On March 24, the Japanese government, together with the International Olympic Committee, publicly announced the one-year postponement of Tokyo And with this, the Abe government suddenly allowed itself to speak of the possible declaration of a state of emergency and the possible taking of a containment measure for the city of Tokyo.

Did the corona win? Only partially from the point of view of the furious Japanese citizens. Many Japanese are already ready to become infected and even die by overthrowing the government of Shinzo Abe and by permanently burying this abominable Tokyo It is a new form of armed struggle that is being born here in a corner of the Far East. The Japanese rebels identify with the corona-virus, which moves in turn identifying itself with the great movements of absolute deterritorialization of the Earth. In an armed struggle, is it not always Earth which provides us with weapons?

He also writes about analytical philosophy of despiction and photography. All credits go to him and, naturally, all responsibility for the translation lies with me. Vaporwave is alchemy. From a methodological point of view it is a sound-collage of junk music. Old-fashioned pop songs, commercial BGM, unpleasant commercial sounds, etc.

Before realizing it they create an imaginary nostalgia. Shortly after , vaporwave died. This is a rough history of vaporwave.

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However, there are some things that come to my mind without remorse. We should ask how it became what it is. In any case, the steam does not come from nothing but from boiling water. Anyway, today I would like to introduce you to a sub-genre of vaporwave called vapormeme.

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No, vapormeme is not a sub-genre. There are no methodologies here like in Eccojams and Future Funk, neither a distinctive concept like Mallsoft or Post-Internet.

Vapormeme has nothing. Perhaps nobody in the whole Internet history has been obsessed with the term… Except me. So what I want to do on the ghost web today is nothing less than giving the vapormeme phenomenon a category. However, as we will see shortly, it cannot be an autonomous and solid category.

What do I want to emphasize on by focusing on vapormeme? I wrote two contributions in order to clarify this question:. However, the following focuses rather on the impossibility of such normative recommendations. In other words, vapormeme is the proof of this. As a result, vaporwave has to undergo a postmodern revision. To dream about the idea of vaporwave as an autonomous genre is only possible by ignoring the whole vapormeme series. And ignoring vapormeme is not so easy. Well, what is vapormeme?

As I said, there is no such fixed category, but it does not mean that there is no discourse about vapormeme at all. Needless to say, vapormeme is not a term I came up with. In reddit someone posted this guide to the sub-genres of vaporwave. Here, I summarize the main characteristics of vapormeme mentioned there:. Well, this definition is quite tough. In the first place, vaporwave advocated a certain aesthetic about using junk sound sources, but vapormeme is a genuine junk.

It lacks even the aesthetics of kitsch. It should be, since bl00dwave and bbrainz are the best of vapormeme.

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It sounds like a royal road Eccojams piece as it loops through a twisted pop song. Here is a discussion on Reddit based on the aforementioned guide. In addition, the author has uploaded this unprecedented trash on the Bandcamp and evaporated, and takes no responsibility. Well, there are plenty of worse things. It is a superb view, so please visit it once.

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Just a hell picture. At a high level, Vapormeme has three characteristics. This includes bl00dwave and bbrainz. And especially important, Vapormeme has no intention of moving the genre forward. The identity of Stereo Component is apparently Yung Bae. Yung Bae is, of course, one of the beatmakers driving Future Funk.

Most of them are messed up samples of the original sound source. Vaporwave parody is often forced to be a parody of parody. Even more mysterious is the case where a normal sound source is released in a parody format for some reason. For example, here is a mysterious person who claims to be a Macintosh Pro. What is being done here is just recycling, and on rare occasions a work is made that is suitable for reuse, but most of it is just making garbage from garbage.

This is a strange name by HKE, who has released many other anti-Vaporwave works. By the way, as a genre similar to vapormeme, there is or is not a category called memewave. Here a more general image of the internet is used and vaporwave music is added. That said, Simpsonwave is still pretty cute. That was exactly what George Clanton was concerned about. He clearly presupposes the purity of the Vaporwave genre, and fights against an image that defiles it. A statement from the Vaporwave label Elemental 95 summarizes the desires of this type of exercise.

In other words, we want to keep only those works that activate and make the genre grow. The takebackvaporwave movement involved several artists, and a compilation album was released. However, it is ironic that this work itself seems to be a Vapormeme-like product of poorly image selection. Sample based music isn't about ripping off art, it's about making it grow takebackvaporwave. He himself supports takebackvaporwave, but he confesses that he is also making works based on memes.

Perhaps he sees that Vaporwave and Vapormeme are two sides of the same coin. Eventually, takeback vaporwave evaporated, scattered and disappeared. I think the temporary setback of the movement should be taken more seriously.